Manflor/a: Mexican slang for lesbian or gay man. Name I was affectionately given by my manflor friend.


Manflora is the child of Crystal, a native Californian who spent her formative years in the wilds of Jersey. Manflora Herbals and Art is a queerly beloved life-long relationship between a brujafemme and her methods of creation.

I have informally studied and practiced herbalism ( Gr calls me their hedgewitch or kitchenwitch) since 2003, when I first became involved in what is called the primitive skills or indigenous skills movements. Having always been drawn to asking questions about my ancestors and the history of our people in Mexico and the Southwest (particularly Texas), it was a natural move for me to begin exploring native healing methods with plants and indigenous foods. Since the Spring of 2015, I have begun my formal training with Ancestral Apothecary in Oakland.

As an artist, my work has been informed by my fascination with biology and the body, queerness, the shadow of the soul, and my Mexican-Scottish roots. Though my background is in sculpture, I work in photography, painting, fiber-arts, film, and printmaking. I am also enamorada con la palabra, canciones, y danza.

I work in arts education and ecoliteracy in Fruitvale. Stay tuned for my online shop!


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