Product List

Here is a list of goods I have at the moment, and I’ll continue to update as I make more herbal medicinas. Please email me if you have any questions. Skin and Lip Care *Available in alternative oil base in case of allergy. Rose Salve-ation*: rose infused olive oil, rose damask, beeswax. $12/ 1 oz. […]

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Magic Makers 2015!

Manflora Herbals & Art is pleased to join Magic Makers for our second year! Magic Makers is a queer art, crafts, and healing fair in Oakland, CA, that takes place every December since 2013.  I’ll be featuring lip-balms, skin-balms, scent-free salves and face products, V-Steam Kits, holiday cards, and much much more! My honey-bunny, Oh […]

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